Here at North Studio, we understand your environment reflects your mood, motivation and energy levels. That’s why we created three designated spaces, custom to our classes, to create the best environment suited to your particular workout. Because HIIT isn’t as effective in a calming, tranquil studio, and no one can find their zen during Vinyasa Yoga under intense neon lights.

Click on each space to see the types of classes we offer there.


Our Rebuild room is all about strength. In here, you’ll find classes focusing on a mix of cardiovascular workouts and bodyweight exercises designed to improve your overall body strength. Build lean muscle with The Rebuild, burn tons of calories in HIIT & Run or dabble in the two with our hybrid Run & Build class.


Does what it says on the tin. Our Cycle room is home to our popular Cycle45 class, a high energy spin workout designed burn calories through resistance and speed work. This room is a no pressure, community driven space, where members of all abilities are encouraged to go at their own pace. You control your workout.


Our Recharge room is our dedicated tranquil space, where we hold our mind-body workouts. Here, you can find your flow with Vinyasa Yoga or be present and become balanced with The Realign. Those looking to tone, strengthen and improve muscle flexibility can find our Barre and Power Pilates classes here too.